Garage door spring installation isn’t that hard to do, but as with anything you haven’t done before, it’s a good idea to do some research to make sure you are prepared and have the tools available to get the job done right.

Although it isn’t necessarily complicated to do, it can be dangerous, and it’s important to unplug the door before you begin. This will help you avoid accidental injury in the event of it being activated by a third party. If your door is older, you might need to flip the breaker.

The door will need to be open in order to change the springs, this will allow for the spring to be removed easily. You will need to weigh the door in order to know what type of spring you’ll need. To weight it simply pry up the door a few inches and slip a scale under it.

Once you know what type of spring you need, purchasing and replacing it is the next step. If all of this sounds too complicated or dangerous for you, then calling a garage door repair service like Mr Garage Door Repair in Ahwatukee is an easy work around. Of course, expect to pay a little more to get the job done right, but in the end you’ll save a lot of your valuable time.