Automatic garage doors are a modern convenience that provide easy entrance and exit from your garage in your vehicle, without you having to get out of your car to open the door. Not only is this convenient, it provides a large degree of safety during inclement weather, or if you feel endangered for any reason.

Overhead garage doors are mechanical devices and there are certain maintenance chores that can be performed by the homeowner to keep the door working properly. There is also one maintenance chore that should not be performed by the homeowner in most cases.

Keeping the bolts or screws tight that fasten the track to the garage wall is important for continued smooth operation, as is the periodic tightening of the boles that hold the hinges on the inside of the door. If any of these bolts or screws come loose, the integrity of the operation of the door could become compromised and it will raise and lower in a crooked manner, eventually causing the door to jump off the track.

The springs on the door provide power to lift the door when they contract and to lower the door when they expand, giving the electric motor a boost. These should not be replaced or fiddled with by the average homeowner as they could be harmful or deadly if mishandled. Always call a qualified garage door repair service for this particular task, if they cease to operate properly.

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