Located in sunny Arizona, Gilbert is a town filled with fun things to do. From sightseeing and museums to bars and clubs, here is what you could do on a day out in Gilbert, Arizona.


There is plenty of beautiful outdoor space to explore in Gilbert. The Cosmo Dog Park is popular among dog lovers, and is a great haven for your furry pals. Complete with drinking fountains, an obstacle course, and a lake for dogs to run in and out of, its no wonder this is one of Gilbert’s most popular parks.


Additionally, Freestone Park spans 65 acres of land, complete with basketball fields, a baseball court, a lake, and playgrounds for children to run around in. It also includes a skate park, a carousel and even a mini Ferris Wheel, making it akin to a miniature funfair. Perfect for families to spend the day.


For baseball lovers, Big League Dreams Park is open all year round, boasting a soccer pavilion that spans twenty-thousand square feet. Not to mention there are batting cages, football fields and a Stadium Club Restaurant. Now that’s a paradise for sports fans.



The Gilbert Historical Museum is small enough to be explored in a day, and boasts insightful history into the town of Gilbert. It includes utensils, room furnishings, and machinery from farms that really takes you back to the early days of the town. Previously a school built in 1913, it was converted into a museum in the late 1900s by the Gilbert Historical Society.



Hale Centre Theatre is located in downtown Gilbert, and is one of the most exciting theatres in Arizona. With productions involving dramas, comedies, musicals and youth performances, this privately owned theatre is definitely an exciting place to visit after. Not to mention the theatre has won over 30 awards for its different types of showcases.


Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

Possibly one of Gilbert’s coolest spots to visit, the riparian preserve is home to many different species of wildlife, including dragonflies, butterflies, and even some reptilian creatures. But its main attraction are the two hundred species of birds that reside in the preserve. If you’re someone who loves animals or is passionate about bird watching, this is definitely something to do in the lovely Arizona sunshine. On every third Sunday of the month, the preserve features a morning bird walk, between 8AM and 11AM. This is family-friendly and a lovely way to start the day.



The Gilbert Temple of Jesus Christ is a lovely and peaceful place to go and visit, whether you are belong to the Latter-Day-Saint sect or not. For those who simply want to admire the beautiful surrounding gardens, or just want a relaxing place to wind down, this could be a nice way to break up the day’s visit. The St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church is also a beautiful place to look at, if you enjoy observing the different paintings prevalent within Catholic churches.


All in all, there are lots of different ways to have a fruitful day out in Gilbert, Arizona.