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If you’re looking for high quality, fast, affordable service for your garage door, you’ve come to the right place. At Mr Garage Door Repair we’ll give you and your garage door the attention to detail and personal service you expect from your local professional. We offer top quality service and repairs at a price that can’t be beat!

We service both residential and commercial garage doors in Mesa, AZ and the entire East Valley. Our licensed & insured technicians are friendly, well trained and will be there to help educate and guide you along the way. We specialize in:

  • Mesa Garage Door Repairs – Both Residential & Commercial
  • Garage Door Spring Replacement
  • Door Panel Replacement & New Garage Door Installation
  • Electric Opener Repairs and Installation
  • Opener & Remote Programming
  • Weather Stripping and New Rubber Installation
  • Rollers, Bearings & Hinges Replacement
  • Custom Wood or Steel Garage Doors

In the event your garage door system fails at the worst possible time, our 24 hour emergency service is ready to deal with any urgent problems that you may encounter. If your door came off it’s track or the spring broke or you are having problems with your opener, call us today to have your garage door fixed right at an affordable price. We are prepared to answer any question related to garage door repair, installation or service that you might have.


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Why Hire a Professional to Fix Your Garage Door?

You want to save money on maintenance and repairs in your home. Many of what will go wrong or break are well within the skill range of a good DIY person. But when it comes to the repairs that need to be completed for your garage door, you should leave them to the professional garage door experts.

There are numerous factors for you to do this and first is safety. Yes, you may be investing profit the skills and connection with a professional, but it is far better to do this rather than to attempt the repair yourself. Without the right experience and training with garage doors and their components, you may not fix the correct part.

You could also injure yourself. Garage doors work with torsion springs that are held with a good deal of tension. The parts that make up the garage door, the transmitter, the track along with the opener are all very intricate. All things have to work together properly to the door to function properly. If any area is just not fixed right, it may cause the door to malfunction, and this might lead to a severe injury for everyone in how when the door closes suddenly.

If you employ a professional to correct your garage door problems, the repair can get done right on the first try. These professionals hold the experience and the tools to deal with things quickly. You may be thinking you may diagnose exactly what is wrong with the door and you will also be right. But, unless you get the exact parts or access to the right parts you may make a compact repair a major one very quickly.

Your garage door experts supply the tools they need to fix whatever is wrong regarding a garage door and its particular components. They often carry all the parts they require for all types of doors on his or her trucks. If they do not have the part immediately accessible, they could get it quickly.

They can get to your property, look at the door and know specifically what has to be fixed. Mr Garage Door Repair will provide you with a bid and have your door fixed as soon as you give them your authorization. Good techs understand exactly what to do and what not to do to fix your garage door right and make sure it is safe.

Every garage door is produced differently. The experts in garage door repair understand this plus they understand how specific brands are configured. They can handle replacing springs since they have the training to achieve this. They already have the equipment to ensure the springs are taken care of safely so that the door is repaired correctly.

Also, they understand how to handle the wiring of the electrical work that powers the garage door. This is something you need to leave to someone who knows what they are doing because of how dangerous it could be to work around electricity when wires must be adjusted or replaced.

It could appear that getting a garage door professional is just one expense for repairs that you would like to avoid paying. In the long term, calling us can save you money. You will not have to guess whether the repair is done efficiently. You also will not have to risk injuring yourself attempting to get what you think needs fixing fixed.

Play it safe and call a garage door professional like Mr Garage Door Repair to inspect your door when it needs repairs. We will pinpoint precisely what needs fixing and get it done right and supply a warranty for the work.