Chandler is a beautiful destination in the Maricopa County of Arizona. This small town attracts visitors all over the year and has so much to offer for each and every one visiting it. It has so much to offer from experiencing culture to learning some art form. Golf lovers can go for their favorite sports and gamblers will love casino over here. A family man will love spending time with his family visiting parks, libraries, and museums which are just some of the things to do in Chandler, Arizona.

Veterans Oasis Park

It is located on Chandler Heights Road. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Chandler Arizona which covers almost 100 acres of area. There are various water pools and every year these water sources attract more than dozens of different species of wildlife and birds from other places. It is the reason that it has earned the title of official bird watching area from Audubon society. There are trails made here for walking as well as for hiking. One can indulge in fishing activities. The Environment Education Center is located over here which conducts various programs and special classes for those who are very much interested and hosts exhibitions related to nature.

Chandler Center for the Arts

This center is located in the Downtown and attracts tourists from worldwide as it shows various talents. Whether a visiting tourist is a fan of the Nutcracker or The Opera of London City, Arts museum never fails to entertain its art lovers.

Public Libraries

Public libraries located in Chandler are a major tourist attraction as they receive almost a million visitors each year. There are several public libraries in Chandler town and all of them are easily accessible accounting for 1.2 million items in the form of Books, audiobooks, videos, CDs and library computers.

Ostrich Festival

Ostrich festival organized in Chandler town attracts tourists from all over the world. It was started in 1989 by the Chandler Chamber of Commerce. Town raises ostriches for their plumes which are very costly as well as adorably stylish. It is more of like a community get together event conducted for families. There are numerous activities which are conducted in this festival like ostrich races and many more such ostrich related events. There is morning parade on Saturday, regional entertainment activities, national entertainment activities, ostrich ranching and interactions with kids.

So be sure to visit Chandler, AZ when you have a chance because there is plenty to do and see.